FAQ | Know it all

Why do i need Vulnerability Management?

  • Here is the basics:
  • You need to know what threats you are facing
  • Patch your system before someone else exploits your services

Are you a non-technical person?

A large part of our users are non-technical persons that just run a simple blog or a similar smaller website

  • We provide Templates! Just a few clicks
  • We provice several useful tools, Such as a Wordpress scanner
  • Advice and recommendation on all vulnerabilities that are sent out!
  • Great support! We awnser all emails within 24 hours nomather the day of the year!

Is this going to spam in my inbox?

  • No news letters, we simply dont like that
  • Rate limited email send out, Even if hell breaks lose and several vulnerabilities affect you, We will only send out 3 emails per watcher daily, If you want to disable this you can do so

Who builds it?

We are using the Watcher Technology that is maintained and Developed by Firo Solutions LTD

Are you developer friendly?

We love developers :3

Thats why we provide a api read all about it